Hanatech have now released the latest version of Hostpro, V1.74 which can be downloaded right here.

download Hanatech Host Pro Software Host Pro software-V1.74 (22MB)

Version 1.74 (2012.01.06) Update History
1. langauge is modified.
2. User interface is improved.

Version 1.73 (2011.09.07) Update Information
1. Bus is fixed.

Version 1.72 (2011.04.19) Update Information
1. Notification function is added.
– When you start updater in the HostPro, notification message will be displayed.
2. OS version checking function is added.
3. LiveUpdate is updated.
4. User Interface is improved.

* Supported Flatforms :Windows XP, Vista, Win7 (32 & 64 bit).